free cloud

Sign up and get up to 10 GB free storage

Verify your email(1 GB unlocked)

Upload a File(1 GB unlocked)

Download pCloud Drive(1 GB unlocked)

Turn ON Automatic Upload(Unlock 1 GB)

Install pCloud on your phone(Unlock 1 GB)

10 GB free storage

Invite as many friends you can, get 1 GB each

  1. Only Free quota is increased on successful invite with 1 GB.
  2. Free quota can be increased up to a maximum of 10 GB.
  3. Users invited before free quota has reached it’s maximum are counted for the challenge.
  4. One user can win only once.
  5. Stats are reset every month and start from 0.
  6. Only invited users with verified emails count as a successful invite.
  7. The winner is picked on a random basis.
  8. Every successful invite increases your chance to win by 1.
  9. To prevent abuse, we will not be counting more that 10 people, who are both invited and registered from the same IP address.

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