Cookie trong JavaScript: Set, Get & Delete

What are Cookies? A treat is a piece of information that is put away on your PC to be gotten to by your program. You additionally may have delighted in the advantages of treats intentionally or unconsciously. Have you at any point saved your Facebook secret phrase so you don’t need to type it every […]

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MySQL root password change

Please follow the below steps. sudo service mysql stopsudo mysqld_safe –skip-grant-tablessudo service mysql startsudo mysql -u rootuse mysql;show tables;describe user;update user set authentication_string=password(‘1111′) where user=’root’;FLUSH PRIVILEGES;

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session php 7

// $old_sessionid = session_id();//session_regenerate_id(); //$new_sessionid = session_id();////echo “Old Session: $old_sessionid“;//echo “Old PHPSESSID:”.$_REQUEST[“PHPSESSID”].’‘;//echo “New Session: $new_sessionid“;//echo “New PHPSESSID:”.$_REQUEST[“PHPSESSID”].’‘;

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